Being an independent broker is a trip.

Become an Appointed Alliance United Broker and discover why we were given the
2013 and 2014 Carrier of the Year Award by the Broker’s Independent Group.

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Once you have completed your Broker Application and have included all the requested documents below please fax them
or email them. You can expect to hear from us within 14 working days.

Fax: 1-800-761-8680      Email:

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Broker Application

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Completed Broker Application
  2. Property & Casualty License
  3. Insurance Bond
  4. Errors & Omissions coverage with a minimum of $500,000 per occurrence.
  5. W9
  6. Voided check from your Trust Account
  7. Voided check from your Operating Account
  8. Production Reports for the last 3 years from 3 of your highest volume companies.
  9. If your agency is new in business, please provide a resumé regarding your background and insurance experience.

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Your Success is Our Success

Alliance United is a proud champion of California’s Independent Brokers. We sell our insurance exclusively through our appointed brokers. Our status as a Direct California Appointment provides our brokers one of the more stable and consistent automobile insurance programs in the state.

  • Insurance sold exclusively through independent brokers
  • Our Direct Carrier status maintains product stability

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Easy and Accurate

What sets us apart begins with our technology and our GO Dashboard. This is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool designed to minimize user input errors and policy rejections. Starting at the Comparative Rater, and continuing through login to our GO Dashboard, we deliver on our reputation for accuracy.

Special GO features include an alert 5 days prior to a customer’s policy cancellations. Our philosophy is simple - help our brokers retain the clients they have and help write to new clients in the most efficient, accurate way.

Easy-to-use dashboard tool

Prevent input errors

Minimize policy rejections with accuracy

Improve client retention with cancellation alerts

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We have a policy for that.

Competitive and Flexible

We match or exceed our industry’s competitive rates for the value offered, along with one of the most flexible coverage and billing plans in the business. Our goal is to help our brokers write policies for as many customers as they can.

  • Regardless of ownership, we insure all vehicles in the household
  • The insured can exclude anyone - including the registered owner
  • We accept all manner of photo identification including Matrícula Consular
  • Flexible Payments through an array of options: Direct Bill using credit/debit card, check or E-check and recurring credit/debit card/EFT

Attentive and Accessible

Our Independent brokers enjoy a collaboration with our executives like none other. We consider our relationship a partnership. We provide face-to-face training in broker’s offices throughout the state of California. And when a broker has a problem that needs solving we take great pride in being readily accessible.

  • Face-to-Face Training

  • Problem Solving

  • Readily Accesible

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We are proud to share the recognition we’ve received from a
variety of independent broker groups.

Insurance Person of the Year
Latin American Agents Association

Andy Bloom

Carrier of the Year
Brokers Independent Group
Insurance Hall of Fame
Brokers Independent Group

David Mandel

James Bearder Award
Broker Independent Network

Carmen Cortes

Territory Manager of the Year
Brokers Independent Group, Northern California

Ron Toledo

Life Time Achievement Award
American Agents Alliance

Kjell Austad

Carrier of the Year
Brokers Independent Group
Territory Manager of the Year
Brokers Independent Group

Nancy Orozco