Say hello to auto insurance you can afford.

(Then use your savings on a road trip. You earned it.)


Our insured come to us
with every kind of story
We love nothing more
than to reply,
"We have a policy for you."

We provide flexible
payment plans
you and your family to fit
your auto insurance needs.

We love California road trips.
Everyday we share adventures
for you to explore.

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and enjoy the ride.

Being a broker is a trip, especially when our Frida & Diego lead the way. ¡Only in California!

Alliance United is a proud champion of California’s independent brokers. We sell our insurance exclusively through our brokers, who praise the quality of our collaboration because we put into action our belief that their success is our success.

We invite you to become an Alliance United Insurance producer and discover why we were given Carrier of the Year Award by the Broker’s Independent Group.


Road trip to the land of cotton candy.
We have a policy for that.

We Californians love our cars. Not only are wheels a must for hard working families, when a road trip calls, we’re ready to go. Maybe it’s the great weather or the vastness of the state. From our beaches to our deserts, from our beautiful Sierras to our lush farmlands - she is a beauty. We win awards as a Carrier because we understand the diversity of California’s drivers and their unique needs. Our company founders were successful insurance brokers themselves. They know what it takes to provide good service and great value at a competitive rate. ¡Vámonos!


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